What do you do when you need more money?

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What do you do when you need more money?

Postby Chriz » Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:46 pm

I have been looking at apartments at the school I am interested in and it seems like they are a bit pricier than the estimates that allow for taking out loans suggests. Not to mention that most people need a place to live for 12 months and they only budget for 9 months. What do you do when you need more money? Most of the apartments I have seen would take up most of the room and board estimate so I would need to break into the miscellaneous money for food. Are their banks that give decent loans for a couple thousand dollars in the event that you need a little more? I am just confused on how people can afford this. I should have a couple thousand saved up by the time school starts but I don't know how far that will go. I just don't want to budget everything out and have something unexpected come up and have no money.

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Re: What do you do when you need more money?

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:23 pm

The estimate is only for 9 months because the expectation is that you will work over the summer - or more realistically (since paying jobs for 1L summer outside of RAs are rare), you'll get some kind of PI stipend (if your school offers them), or you'll do your unpaid job as an externship, for school credit, and take out additional loans to cover that time.

As for the cost of apartments, roommates are usually credited/expected.

(Schools can/will adjust the financial aid offer if you have some kind of unusual circumstance, like you have dependents living with you. But it has to be some kind of legitimate expense that the average law student doesn't have.)

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