3.1/174- 90k GULC, what should I do

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3.1/174- 90k GULC, what should I do

Postby senorhosh » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:30 am

I got 90k from Gulc (60k need + 30k merit). I'm about 90% sure I won't go to GULC at this price. Reapplying is always an option.

Seat deposit is $800 due May 1.
I'm still waiting from NU (which I probably won't hear back until after May).

1. Is it worth putting down $800 for a chance to negotiate with NU (if I get accepted)? I know $800 is very little in the grand scheme of things but would they even match or offer close? I'm assuming I might get a decent amount (~60k) for need at other schools since GULC is one of the more stingier schools.
2. I'm WLed at Penn/UVA/CCN- would a seat deposit lower my chances of getting off the WL (after LSAC releases the seat deposit list)?
3. Just making sure: I can't use my Gulc scholly to negotiate with my waitlist schools right?

Basically, should I put down $800 for the seat deposit so I can negotiate? (Keep in mind $800 is a lot for me and would go a long way if I decide to reapply. In fact, if I get off the waitlist I might have a lot of trouble coughing up another $1000 for the other seat deposit)

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Re: 3.1/174- 90k GULC, what should I do

Postby Grazzhoppa » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:38 am

seat deposit if youre down to go to GULC. if not, then don't deposit. it doesnt seem like you want to go there honestly.

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Re: 3.1/174- 90k GULC, what should I do

Postby Rlabo » Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:19 am

To point no.1, no it is probably not worth depositing for this reason since by that time it is unlikely that NU will be doling out scholarships let alone matching others. To point no.2, I'm almost 100% sure that only the schools you deposit at will no about this and also this is only after the second deposit. Further I can't imagine a school of which you are wl at would care either way as they haven't accepted you yet. You should deff send LOCI's to these schools if you haven't already letting em no they're your top choice and that you would attend if accepted. For point no.3, its not so much that you cant as much as its extremely rare to get money off the wl so definitely do not bet on that.

As grazz said, if u have an inkling that you would go to GULC, deposit. If not. then you'll probably just be out $800. Another thing you can consider doing is asking gulc if they would consider extending the deadline as you are still waiting to hear back from schools. You may or may not have luck with this but it could help if they do extend and u hear back from NU in time.

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