Anyone familiar with the Survivors/Dependents Assistance?

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Anyone familiar with the Survivors/Dependents Assistance?

Postby tigyrgrl » Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:57 pm

I checked the search, and I didn't see anything that really covered this. But I do apologize if this has been covered somewhere.

Spouse has been determined 100% disabled by the military and is pending a med board from the Army and a final rating from the VA.

We were told to look into the Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA), because his medical issues qualify me for financial assistance, but no one seems to know if I only qualify for the assistance if he is not currently using his GI bill. I have talked to both finance offices on the local military base, and a VA representative who was the one who recommended it.

Additional information: He is using his GI bill though not continually due to medical issue flare ups. So his benefits keep start and stopping.

Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, what can you tell me about it?


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Re: Anyone familiar with the Survivors/Dependents Assistance?

Postby CFprez » Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:45 pm

I worked as a paralegal at a disability law firm. I had a come clients who were actually trying to get both benefits. If your husband qualifies for Disability Insurance Benefits (basically a step above SSI) through social security he can get VA benefits and social security disability. Have you tried looking into that? Whether he qualifies for Disability Insurance Benefits depends on his age and the amount of work/taxes he has done (usually full time 5 out of last 10 years).

This is not real legit legal advice just a tip to check out some disability sites ... disability

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Re: Anyone familiar with the Survivors/Dependents Assistance?

Postby rmp » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:48 pm

It also depends on the state you're coming from. I'm from California and use the Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver. My father has a 60% disability rating and it waives my tuition at any public educational institution (comm. college, CSU, UC). It varies by state, but it's a fairly simple process. Get the forms from your local county veteran's affairs office or find it online via google or any generic search engine. Not sure if you can use them concurrently with the GI Bill since I don't qualify for the GI. Cal-Vet doesn't offer a housing stipend though, which I believe is an advantage the GI Bill has over it.

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Re: Anyone familiar with the Survivors/Dependents Assistance?

Postby tigyrgrl » Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:00 am

I appreciate the answers. In regards to the SSI, he is actually not disabled enough for it. I am actually thankful for that as we are both under 30.

In regards to the Dependents Education Assistance, I actually was able to find a VA rep that gave me some insight. I'm sharing it in case anyone else may need it.

Until his rating from the VA is finalized, I have to provide the documentation showing his med board. It can be denied since he is using GI bill benefits, but that can be appealed (like anything with the VA).

Once his VA is finalized, it can be easier to submit for the assistance as the proof of eligibility is the rating. If he is placed into Vocational Rehabilitation (a program to help disabled vets who have exhausted GI Bill finish school), I will likely have to go through the appeal process again.

Anyone submitting anything to the VA, should always send stuff by certified mail, because they get swamped with stuff.

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