Which school - last minute, negotiate money and stip

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Which school - last minute, negotiate money and stip

Postby mikel5400 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:16 pm


I am currently choosing among several schools. One school has offered me 17,500 scholarship with a 3.0 stip. Another school has offered me 7,500 with a top 40 percent stip (50 percent for half). The third school is a state school with in state tuition.

Is there any way to negotiate a higher scholarship for the school that gave me the highest scholarship (they are all similiarly ranked schools)? Can I use the state school and tuition or my necessity of financials due to harship as leverage to be reconsidered for a higher scholarship? Can I say that the school that gave me less will end up costing much less when considering housing (and its slightly better ranking)?

Finally, what advice do people have for stipulation negotiation? I don't want to come across as a slacker, because I am and will try to do my best and be at the top of the class. With that being said, law school is sometimes unpredictable, and I can't afford to lose the money and pay full tuition for the second or third years. Is there a proper way to word or go about this, and does anyone ever have luck with this?

Thanks so much for any information.

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