Getting Financial Aid with ED?

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Getting Financial Aid with ED?

Postby applesoranges123 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:57 pm

Ok, I've applied and been accepted via ED. I was just wondering if there is any way I can still negotiate any money from them. I ask this because I do realize (and realized when applying) that by applying ED I'm basically taking away the main incentive for them to give me money since they are guaranteed that I will come, but still...I'm paying for law school by myself so any little that I can get would be tremendously helpful. How can I go about asking for money in this situation? Since I'm paying for it by myself would I qualify for need-based financial aid or something (although I feel like theres a ton of students who are paying for school themselves, I'm not sure if my parents would have to cosign the loans or something, so no idea how that would affect my aid)? Also, what are the best loans in general to take out, as far as I know I believe govt loans tend to have the lowest interest rates? Does anyone have any advice for how to get the most out of financial aid whether it be from the school, through loans, or just in general? FINALLY, I was thinking about doing an internship this summer before I start, but would need to pay for housing..Is there any way I can have my loan cover this as well? Sorry, for all these questions, but this financial aid process can get kind of confusing, just trying to see how I can end up with the lease ridiculous loan amount for school! lol..Thanks :)

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