Georgetown & other packages

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Georgetown & other packages

Postby mehs » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:42 pm

I've gotten responses from everywhere that's still in the running for me, and for grants it's:

GULC $11,400
GWU $11,000
Cornell $0 (?!)

I'm pretty set on going to GULC, but I was counting on Cornell to give me some money to negotiate with. I'm actually really surprised that they didn't give me anything at all, considering that a. I'm in a Master's program this year and my personal assets are basically $0; and b. my parents make a decent amount, $130,000ish total, but are also paying for my brother's undergrad for the next 3 years. No word on actual merit scholarships from anywhere; I'm a high GPA low LSAT splitter (3.9/165) so the outlook's not too promising.

Any advice on how to negotiate with Georgetown at all? It's looking a bit bleak and I'm really considering deferring and working a year before deciding to take out all those loans...


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