GI bill info please- Ref creditable days

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GI bill info please- Ref creditable days

Postby mala2 » Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:44 am

Quick question, I'll probably contact the VA but you know how everyone you talk to has a different idea, so I'm looking for other experiences.

I was in for 4 years. First 3 years not creditable because they counted for the SLRP. Last year was creditable for the GI bill. I thought that would qualify me for 60%. I got a letter qualifying me for 50%, because they say I have 364 instead of 365 creditable days. I'm happy with 50% if that is what I earned, but I don't know how the final year is only 364 days. Is this normal or does it sounds like a VA error and I should appeal?

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