Financial Aid: How do poor people pay for law school?

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Re: Financial Aid: How do poor people pay for law school?

Postby cowgirl_bebop » Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:54 pm

nonprofit-prophet wrote:
Yea the COA includes cost of living. Tuition is 45k and total COA is 61k. That leaves 15k for books, food, rent, utilities, phone bill, credit card bill, and miscellaneous expenses. Rent and utilities should eat up nearly 9k of that. 1.5k will go to books for the year and a few hundred for transportation. that leaves a little under 4k for food for the entire year. That's about 10 bucks a day for food; not very much. I didn't take into account miscellaneous expenses, but emergencies do arise. With additional costs, the daily food budget probably drops to 8 ish.

I spoke with a few of my friends that attend the same school and they said their parents give them food money.

Have you looked into a meal plan? Most schools offer one to law students and it can seriously cut down on the cost of food so long as you are willing to go to campus and get it. It is going to be tough, but if you can make a few extra $$ on the side, you can tough it out. If you intend to have a CC, that can help bridge the gap from time to time when things run short. The biggest concern is budgeting and getting used to living like a pauper.

Your standard of living will be poor, but you live cheap in law school so you can ball out when you graduate and land yourself a good job.

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