December LSAT Scholarships

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December LSAT Scholarships

Postby ZDS » Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:31 pm

I am currently signed up to take the LSAT on October 9th and I have not prepared adequately.

I started studying about 3 days ago. I've taken a couple practice tests and have scores of 166/168. (I didn't study, because I got a 171 cold on my first diagnostic a few months ago and assumed I'd be fine ><) My GPA is sitting about a 3.35(will be a 3.39-3.40 after this semester). I am aiming to get into: Pepperdine or Loyola with significant $$$.(Or a similar ranked school with most paid for, but preferably one of those two)

Do you think I should chance it next week, hope for a 170+ or study up for December and take it then.

I'd be fine with taking it in December, but I worry that I won't get $$$$ from one of those schools if I apply that late and that is a deciding factor for me. That is my main concern. The lack of scholarships available for applying when I get my December scores.

I appreciate the help and thanks in advance!


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