How much Fin Aid / Loan money can I get??

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How much Fin Aid / Loan money can I get??

Postby bmbuckley12 » Thu May 06, 2010 3:32 pm

I need some help here as I feel like I'm getting different responses from everyone I talk to ...

I'm fresh out of undergrad with maybe $10 - 15k in UG debt and am attending law school this fall. I'm going part time for the first year and plan on working ballpark 25-35 hours / week like I did throughout undergrad. I reported maybe $22k on my FAFSA and other supplemental apps for my law school's FA office. I believe I'm current on all my FAFSA apps & school's FA apps, at this point atleast .. I have pretty good credit, but I still need to check my actual credit score again. I've paid off a car loan and am current / ahead on my current car loan. I have 2 credit cards that have been open for almost 3 years, which are unfortunately close to their limits @ $1,000 & 7,000 (my senior year was a little too much fun), but I've never been close to late on a monthly and usually pay three or four times my monthly payment. I actually hope to take a little cash from my student loan money each semester to have the credit cards paid off by this time next year as well.. But, enough about my terrible spending habits..

So, to my question .. Will I have a hard time getting the max amount of student loans given that I'm going PART TIME and have made around $20k the past year?? Will working and having an income hurt the amount of loans I can get? My school budgeted around $56k for part time and I hope to take out the max amount for the first year and use that as a basis for determining how much I'll need as a 2 & 3L ... Is it a bad idea to use some Fin Aid cash to pay down credit cards?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: How much Fin Aid / Loan money can I get??

Postby im_blue » Thu May 06, 2010 4:20 pm

Since your credit is decent without any late payments or delinquencies, you should have no trouble taking out full loans, some of which you can use for credit card loans.

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