Scholarship vs. no scholarship

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Aunty Christ

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Scholarship vs. no scholarship

Postby Aunty Christ » Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:12 pm

Law School A was my first choice. It's in the city I live in, it has a great department in the area of law I want to practice, and they gave me no money.

Law School B is ranked much higher than Law School A, but I'd have to move, and frankly, it intimidates me. They've offered me $20K/year.

The money is kind of an issue, of course, but not a huge one. If I have to, I'll finance school through loans. I also get trust money and have some savings. It's possible I'll start getting grants and scholarships for Law School A in my second year, if I keep up the community service legal work I currently do.

My main concern is that Law School B, with its $20K per year, seems to LIKE me so much more than Law School A does. It seems like Law School A could give a crap whether I go there or not. I'm worried that it's unwise to go to a school that doesn't want me as a student.

Is this a fair concern? Or am I crazy? I think I'm getting this idea that schools only want the students they give money to from friends of mine who've entered doctoral programs in mythology or religious iconography or whatever. It's possible that the idea doesn't transfer to law school.

How common is it for law students to go to a school that offers them absolutely no money?

This question may have been asked before; I apologize for asking it again. (I looked but couldn't find anything.)


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Re: Scholarship vs. no scholarship

Postby AngelAuthor » Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:14 pm

My situation is a little relevant to yours so I'll answer. I was dying to get into my local school so I wouldn't have to up and move my family. The tuition is low and the school is pretty well ranked. Other schools have accepted me and offered me money, but I was holding out for the local school. Well, I just got accepted to my local school this week and just an hour ago got my packet in the mail.

ZERO scholarship offer.

Disappointing as all hell, but I plan to take the offer anyway. Better than uprooting my family and moving across country to go somewhere else for "less". The end cost of moving to me seems, to be exceptionally higher than the cost of staying put and fronting up everything for a local school myself.

Just my .02 cents.

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Re: Scholarship vs. no scholarship

Postby romothesavior » Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:19 pm

Don't pay sticker outside of T10, unless you are certain you want PI and you will utilize LRAP/IBR. Even then, I'd be wary of paying sticker.

Also, if School B is ranked higher and gave you money, try leveraging School A for money (if you haven't already).

I'm afraid your post is just far too vague to be of any help. How far would have to move for School B? What is your preferred market, and which school is going to be the best choice for that market? How much more will School A cost than School B?

More info would be helpful.

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