3.4 160 URM AA

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3.4 160 URM AA

Postby Faustian89 » Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:39 pm

No name uni, meh softs. T6 is probably out. LSN has a small sample size for similar numbers. Where should I be applying mid-January?


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Re: 3.4 160 URM AA

Postby decimalsanddollars » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:57 pm

Here's a myLSN output, tweaked to widen GPA parameters and include 159 also (AA only, all years): https://mylsn.info/riodcb/

It doesn't look good for the t14 overall, but here are some interesting "orange" outputs:
38% admission at Michigan, 47% at Cornell; 50% scholarship chances at both.
It also looks like 15-19 would be receptive to your application. Based only on this, I recommend applying broadly from Michigan down to WUSTL/USC and also applying to any other T50ish schools in the city/state/region where you intend to practice. The more applications you send, the better your chances of getting an option that makes sense for you. As for the mid-January qualifier, Northwestern will likely want to interview you in person because you're applying too late to interview online or with a local rep. Consider that when applying.

Also, most people on TLS will tell you (with good reason) to retake the LSAT. I'll beat them to it: retake the LSAT. A 5-point jump would work wonders:
With a 164-165, your chances at CCN are at least 50/50, and several t20 schools are likely to give you scholarships. If you can afford to take a year and apply next cycle, invest a few months in improving your score, and maybe make your softs less "meh," your application will be much stronger.

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