URM? Grandpa is biracial.

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URM? Grandpa is biracial.

Postby QueensConsule » Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:02 pm

Ok This is going to be complicated. My family mostly identifies as Russian Jews (defaults as) and I was born in the Soviet Union before moving to the US at the age of about 1. I look the part albeit with a rounder head.

After the election of president Obama my grandpa actually mentioned that his biological father was an Ethiopian Jew living in Ukraine and he was an agricultural expert on a cultural and intellectual exchange. WWII started and the man along with other foreigners fled the country and contact with him was lost. Maybe he died fleeing or maybe he disappeared. My grandpa and his mom to avoid extra persecution as they were already in the occupied zone and sent to live in a ghetto found a widower and remarried to falsify his nationality (race) in his documents.

Fast forward to them moving to America and my grandfather and parents believed that racism in America was a very big deal because that is what Soviet citizens were told. So they kept the issue forgotten and they always wrote white when prompted, as did I. However after learning this I started to question if I was really fully white. The last nail in the coffin actually came a few weeks ago when my mother (other side of the family) did a ancestry test and discovered that she is barely half Jewish and has a lot of North African, Central Asian and Middle Eastern blood.

I didn't learn any of this in time to change my race for the SAT and frankly I continued to believe that to be normal was to be white, and i was certainly normal so I must be mostly white. Today I actually feel a little ashamed of my thinking.

The question is this, technically I am very mixed race (honestly nothing seems to be over 30%), so could I check off several boxes at the LSAC and explain this situation in a DS to law schools later? Is there any chance that I would fall under extra scrutiny when in law school or sitting for the bar? Overall I know it seems recent and convenient but I no longer feel completely white, and I feel my heritage was robbed from me.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.


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Re: URM? Grandpa is biracial.

Postby bellaboo » Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:12 pm

Hmmm... how do you identify and move through the world? I think being a URM / writing a DS is based on personal connection and experience with a different race, culture, identity, etc. not in terms of percentages. If you feel white, move through the world as white, and are only considering "checking the box" because of a long lost family member you just found out about, you're white.

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