Non-Traditional, maybe?

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Non-Traditional, maybe?

Postby psquared1155 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:01 am

From what I have been reading Non-Traditional is normally someone who is a bit older, and has been out of school for a while. In my case I went to a few semesters of college right out of HS and then left because my grandmother was very sick, my father had cancer, grandfather had several strokes and ended up working and taking care of them full time. However I am 27, so not exactly that much older, but I have crammed in quite a bit of life experience. In the last two years I returned to school (online) and am finishing my undergrad this fall, taking the September LSAT. In the last 9 years I have built a successful insurance business while going to school (last two), and carry several 'professional' licenses. Hopefully I can pull off a 160-165 lsat score in sept. My gpa from the school I am graduating from is a 3.9, however from when I first attended school I have about 4 f's and scattering of c's/d's. I am not entirely clear on how LSAC calculates their GPA but when running the numbers I lower it to a 3.5, but it probably will end up a bit higher.

stretch: UCLA, USC, Berkeley

Hopeful: UCF, Hastings, Southwestern (scale program), LMU, Pepperdine

Safety: Goldengate, Whittier

Thoughts on the impact being in the non-trad has on getting in to the stretch schools, moneies that are avlalible, ext..?

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