AA female 3.5 GPA 167 (addendum) Chances at Harvard?

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Re: AA female 3.5 GPA 167 (addendum) Chances at Harvard?

Postby Lthelion » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:51 pm

MyNameIsntJames wrote:
T14orTradeSchool wrote:Man, everyone just shut up. You have a good shot of getting into at least one of the T6. Definitely apply to Harvard, at least. Throw an app to Stanford. Shit, throw an app to all the schools you want to attend. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. Retake if you wish, it can't hurt.

Thank you lol. I really tell anyone with decent scores to just apply everywhere and see what happens. All you can really do is just get the best scores you can, submit the best application possible as soon as possible and just let go and let God. Not everyone who goes to Harvard becomes an amazing successful and not everyone outside of the T6 becomes an unhappy unemployed slave. I want people to have fun with this process and just realize that the only thing that can be controlled or guaranteed here is our own performances.

you will definitely get a T6 and have a real shot at H and S. dont read too much into law school numbers there simply isnt enough data - I've met many URMs in top schools through SEO and people get into top schools with lower numbers than the available data suggests.

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