Is a masters degree worth it? (AA Male Engineering)

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Is a masters degree worth it? (AA Male Engineering)

Postby ChemE2IPLaw » Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:02 pm

Hello everyone,

I am an AA male, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major (Top 15 Public) with a 3.4 GPA and scored 167 on the LSAT. I recently received admission into my school's combined BS/MS program and was wondering if this will help my chances getting into HYS.If I was to go for the masters degree, it would not be strictly for the prospects of getting into HYS, but I love the research I have been doing, and I am excited to work towards my thesis. I've held both legal and engineering internships. If there are any other URM Engineers/Hard Science (Chemistry/Physics) majors/graduates, any advice would be greatly appreciated! What type of numbers did other science majors get to get into T14 schools.

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Re: Is a masters degree worth it? (AA Male Engineering)

Postby jnwa » Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:10 pm

Youre gunna be fighting an uphill battle to get into HYS with a sub 3.5(moreso YS). Youd be better off with a higher GPA and a lower LSAT tbh. If youre interested in the research id say do the masters and try and get your LSAT score up a into the 170 range. That should give you a solid shot at Harvard. I dont think Yale and Stanford are happening regardless. I had a higher LSAT and lower GPA although not engineering, you can see my cycle here

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