Political affiliation in a diversity statement?

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Re: Political affiliation in a diversity statement?

Postby T6hopeful15 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:35 am

jarofsoup wrote:
HarvardHopeful95 wrote:Hey y'all,
So I'm wondering if it would be alright to briefly talk about my political affiliation as a Republican in a diversity statement or if it's too polarizing or nonsensical. I'm asking because not only would the simple fact that I'm a Republican add diversity to any law school as the are well known for being overwhelmingly liberal, but I'm a black, female, atheist, conservative Republican which adds an entire other dimension too it. Many people believe that my identities are a novelty and that people like me don't exist. I think that the ways in which these identities intersect give me an extremely interesting perspectives on issues and that they would add a lot to class room discussion/ representation/ and diversity of thought at a law school. So, is political affiliation a taboo no no in diversity statements or do you think it would be good to discuss in my case?

It's a highly polarizing election where some compare Trump to Hitler. Your going to come out and say you support Hitler and expect to be admitted?

She didn't even say she supported Trump. Stop projecting your own ignorant biases onto her.

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