PS Main Theme help!!

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PS Main Theme help!!

Postby Nikas » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:12 pm

I am brainstorming a few main themes to use for as the base for my personal statement & need help coming up with some.
I want to incorporate a few significant events in my life that I endured & overcame that illustrate the theme of my ps, as well as how this theme will make me a great candidate for their law school.

Events that I endured:

-Growing up in an domestic violence household that eventually became a single parent household
-Both parents alcoholics & cocaine users
-Raped at 14 years old
-Lived in poverty & became omeless in my early teen years to mid teen years
-Worked at 16 - taking care of family
-Pregnant in last year of high school
-Became a victim of domestic violence & emotional abuse
- Honors throughout high school and community college
- Graduated from UCLA

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