LSE-Msc Human Rights opportunity

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LSE-Msc Human Rights opportunity

Postby acr440 » Wed May 06, 2015 11:13 pm

I am not sure if this is the correct Forum, and perhaps I can be pointed in the right direction if this is the wrong forum. But anyway, here is my dilemma...

I am currently a senior at Rutgers-New Brunswick (GPA 3.8, Puerto Rican, first generation) and will be graduating soon. My LSAT scores, based off my practice test results, are terrible, and I wanted to take a year or two off to help correct that rather than get a terrible LSAT score and apply straight to law school. With that in mind, I applied to a bunch of opportunities: graduate programs, fellowships, and regular paralegal/legal assistant jobs. While interviewing for a paralegal position at Davis Polk I received an email from LSE that I was accepted into the Msc Human Rights program. I have had several interviews at major NYC law firms, but have yet to receive an offer. The type of work seems grueling because that is just the nature of those positions and the pay is not great as well. I was really happy to get the LSE offer, but I was not offered any sort of aid nor have I been able to find any scholarship/grant opportunities(or I just am not looking int the right places).

Without any funding opportunities, should I take out the debt to finance the LSE degree?

Thanks for reading and answering!

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Re: LSE-Msc Human Rights opportunity

Postby 180kickflip » Thu May 07, 2015 6:19 am

Whatever you do, don't take on more debt. You'll have plenty of that after law school, and the burden of it could impact your ability to pursue a job you actually want/will enjoy versus biglaw.

Try to either work a high paying job that will allow you to take fewer Law school loans, a fun job that may change your mind about law school in general, or a low paying/possibly fun job like Americorp/peace corp that will give you interesting experience (PS material) and put you into position for max need-based aid. With your GPA, I'd probably do the latter. Take a low paying chill position that allows you time to study lsat all year, and then come back a near lock for HYS with full aid.

I don't know where your lsat stands now, but I think just about anyone can get to 165 with a year of legit study...and 3.8/165 def. gives you a shot at the top.

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