Advice for an AA URM Female: GULC ($$) v. Emory($$$)?

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Advice for an AA URM Female: GULC ($$) v. Emory($$$)?

Postby Jessicakes90 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:13 pm

Hey all - I posted this over in the "Choosing a Law School" forum but someone recommend I post here too, since I might get more insight as a URM in this forum. I've been trying to decide between GULC and Emory for a few weeks now and can't seem to come to a concrete decision. Specifically, I was recommended to retake in June and see if it gets me a scholarship bump anywhere, but I'd love some advice as to whether my GPA is just too low, even as URM, to expect much of a boost. Would really love some input!

Stats:1st gen HS/College/law school, AA URM, 168, 3.1. I'm from NYC, went to undergrad in DC.
Not really interested or able to retake (although I'm sure many of you will tell me to).
Goals: Bankruptcy in BigLaw for a few years before potentially transitioning over to something more PI-related.
Other: Significant other lives in DC and while he's amenable to re-locating, it would be about a year before he's able to do so.
I'd like to be in DC, but I'm also agreeable to really anywhere on the East Coast.
I have my strongest ties to NYC (w/e at a number of Big Law firms). Decent ties to DC. No ties to ATL.
I'm quite debt-averse; I still have a decent amount of undergrad loans I'm paying off.
Family will not be assisting financially in any way, unfortunately.

GULC gave me $30K/year, tuition is $55K per year. Total at repayment is roughly $130K.
Emory gave me $38K/yr, tuition is $51K per year. COL is significantly lower, total at repayment is roughly $83K.

Those are the only two schools I'm heavily considering, but for reference, I'm also in at:

Vanderbilt - $100K at repayment.
GW - $129K at repayment.
BC - $107K at repayment.
BU - $102K at repayment.
Cardozo - $29K at repayment.
AU - $162K at repayment.
Howard - $42K at repayment.

Still waiting on Fordham, Columbia, NYU, Duke, UPenn and Northwestern. I'm anticipating, however, that *if* I get in to any of these schools, it'll be at sticker price. Not really interested in paying sticker anywhere.

Any insight would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

TL;DR - Am I better off going to Emory ($$$) or GULC ($$)? Would retaking in June for potential scholly increase be worth my time/advisable?

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Re: Advice for an AA URM Female: GULC ($$) v. Emory($$$)?

Postby 180kickflip » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:40 pm

GULC out of the options given, but I'm not in love with any of them. If you could negotiate GULC up to 40k per and graduate with under 100k, it'd sound pretty good.

If you think you can do better by June, I'd definitely retake and try to negotiate with it. The fact that you have so many outstanding applications makes me think reapplying next cycle might be TCR.

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Re: Advice for an AA URM Female: GULC ($$) v. Emory($$$)?

Postby sublime » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:52 pm


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