Top Law Schools?? w/ Low UGPA, High LSAT and URM status??

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Top Law Schools?? w/ Low UGPA, High LSAT and URM status??

Postby NativeGuy14 » Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:33 am

Hi guys,

I'm relatively new here. I will start by giving some background information about myself. I am a Native American student attending NCSU. I will obtaining a BS in Economics w/minor in PoliSci in May of 2016. I currently have a 2.75 UGPA, but I am anticipating a final cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (I am intelligent, however I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, which explains my lackluster GPA thus far. I am 100% certain I can get all A's the remainder of my undergrad career with the help of ADHD medications.) I have been studying LSAT prep material for about two weeks and I am currently receiving diagnostic scores of 165 under LSAT test center conditions. I am taking a LSAT prep course this summer and I am hoping to increase by score by at least 5-10 points. I also have an extensive amount of comm. serv. on my resume. (100+ hours w/kids and my tribal community)

I really want to be admitted into a reputable school, because I do not want to incur a massive amount of student debt for a degree from a low-tier school. If I am able to increase by GPA to approx. 3.25 and obtain a score ranging from 170-175, how likely is it that I could get into a good law school?? (UCLA is my ideal school) Will they take into consideration the fact that my academic performance has dramatically improved during my last two years of undergrad? Is it likely my LSAT and URM status will offset my lackluster GPA? If not, what schools do you think would be more likely to accept me? I appreciate all the help. And good luck to everyone :)


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Re: Top Law Schools?? w/ Low UGPA, High LSAT and URM status??

Postby xylocarp » Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:06 pm

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