Puerto Rican Male 3.65/151 and SEO applicant

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Cincere El Lider

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Puerto Rican Male 3.65/151 and SEO applicant

Postby Cincere El Lider » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:01 am

Hello, I am a 22 Puerto Rican male who has applied to a few law schools and wanted to pick your brains on my chances. I am also an applicant of the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) internship program that place minorities into BigLaw internships the summer before 1L year. Here are my stats.

UGPA: 3.65 (note, after fall 2013 semester it is now a 3.686)
Degree: GPA 3.41 (note, after fall 2013 semester it is now a 3.51)
Major: Legal Studies
College: University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Polk State College
Graduate: Spring 2014
LSAT score: 151


UCF moot court team (participated in the 2013 South Atlantic Regional Moot Court Tournament)

intern at a Bankruptcy law firm.

intern for a campaign in the State House race as well

Founder of prelaw group Lawtinos

Treasurer of NBLSA

Senior Thesis

Three strong letter of recommendation from my thesis chair, adjunct professor (who offered) and my student org's faculty advisor (who offered.)

One strong evaluation form from my faculty advisor

Schools I applied to with date of application submission, (all applications were sent out with all necessary documents in procession of LSAC.)

Cornell- November 23
Georgetown- November 16
Florida- November 23
Northeastern- December 2

I've already been accepted to both Florida International University and Stetson University

I've also applied for the SEO Law program with my first pick being Los Angeles and second and third being San Francisco and New York (note, url at bottom)

What are my chances for both and if any SEO applicants are reading I NEED YOUR OPINION!!!!!!!!!



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Re: Puerto Rican Male 3.65/151 and SEO applicant

Postby californiauser » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:08 am

You need to retake. You have near 0% chance of getting into a school that will enable an SEO summer position.

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Re: Puerto Rican Male 3.65/151 and SEO applicant

Postby Mojosodope » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:10 am

Will depend on if you get into Georgetown, Cornell, or Northwestern. SEO is pretty prestige based, and I think they may factor in the LSAT as well.

But basically what California said

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Re: Puerto Rican Male 3.65/151 and SEO applicant

Postby midnight_circus » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:46 am

Did you mean Northwestern? If you actually meant Northeastern, that's a bad call and unless you want to practice in Boston you probably should not go there. Even if you want to practice in Boston you may not want to go there. Northwestern, on the other hand, is great.

My advice? Alert the schools and SEO that you plan to retake in February. SEO won't release a final admit decision until after you've made a seat deposit at a school. They might reject you earlier, of course, but they won't admit you until at least then and you might get a bit of leeway if they know you're retaking. You most likely will not be admitted to Georgetown, Cornell, or Northwestern (I'm going to pretend you meant Northwestern) with a 151.

Mojo is right; history has indicated (check the old SEO threads on the TLS forums--they are long and full of info) that SEO is super into prestige. Apparently half of their last class went to Harvard, Columbia, or NYU. They almost certainly will not take you with a 151/Florida enrollment.

Your softs and work experience are nice, but not as nice as a 160+ on the LSAT. Retake. Start studying now and tell SEO/all the schools in the first week of Jan. so that when they come back from holiday break they know not to reject you out of hand based on your low score.

ETA: I would also consider applying to Vanderbilt, WashU, & GW. They are each significantly better than Northeastern, if that is what you meant, and if you can get your LSAT into the low or mid-160s I could see them possibly admitting you with some $, which doesn't seem super likely at Cornell/Georgetown.

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