Retake December... When Should I Apply? [3.65-158 LSAT]

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El Principe

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Retake December... When Should I Apply? [3.65-158 LSAT]

Postby El Principe » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:03 pm

Hey, I got a 158 (3.65 GPA, average softs) last time... A lack of time management & practice tests killed me, so I know I can do better the next time, so I'm obviously going to retake.

My question is should I apply to some of my backups in the mean time and at least get accepted into some places just in case I, for whatever reason, don't score significantly higher next time, or am I better off just waiting until the next scores come out?

Some people said apply to schools like Texas & Vandy, but the thought of getting rejected, but then later scoring high enough to get in, kinda scares me.

Also, the bigger question is, if I get accepted into the lower schools, and then score higher, how would I go about getting more scholarship dollars from them? Do they get the new score automatically, or do I have to email them a score report and ask them for more? I searched and couldn't find anything.

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Re: Retake December... Should I Apply In the Mean Time?

Postby 0913djp » Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:43 pm

In a similar situation myself.

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Re: Retake December... Should I Apply In the Mean Time?

Postby AAJD2B » Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:14 am

So I know I already chimed in lol, but if I may once more:

Your LSAT score puts in the top percentile as a URM. You still have a shot at the lower T14s and just outside this bracket. Send those apps out.

Once your new score comes in, LSAC sends them directly to the schools, so no need to notify the schools unless you've scored higher and wish to include in your app an LSAT addendum. Also, most decisions for URMs come in around March/April, especially if you're a URM splitter, have borderline numbers or sub-25th percentile for both GPA and LSAT.

For schools like Penn, UVA, Cornell, Michigan, Duke, Chicago and Georgetown you should send out early as they have shown to be more forgiving of these type of URMs.

For the holy trinity that is HYS, Columbia and Berkeley you may want to not send until after your retake release. This doesn't appear to hurt us URMs because once again, these schools wait to see most of their URM applicants before rendering a decision.

This is also my plan of action. That said, your focus right now should be on destroying the LSAT in 38 or so days. It will all work itself out in the end. You'll see.


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Re: Retake December... Should I Apply In the Mean Time?

Postby musharraf » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:55 pm

I had a long chat with Dean Tom of Berkeley at the Atlanta LSAC forum a few days ago. His advice: "The early bird catches the worm! Apply now!" He emphasized that he's already making admissions decisions and filling seats, so it's vital to hold your place in line, even if you plan on retaking the LSAT in December.

That advice probably holds for every school other than Yale, which is explicit in communicating there is no advantage to applying early.

Be sure to mark that you're retaking the LSAT in your application. At best your numbers are already good enough for admission, but more likely is they'll just hold your application until the next LSAT rolls in.

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