Where to put the focus of an SES DS

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Where to put the focus of an SES DS

Postby VUSisterRayVU » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:00 pm

I've written my PS already which explains 'Why law school' and provides a professional/'philosophical' background, but I think I want to write a socio-economic DS also. The problem is, I don't know how to really express my story as 'contributing to the diversity of the LS' without sounding either hackneyed or 'forced'. I don't really think that my situation growing up really does all that much to 'increase' diversity in the same way that someone who was substantially bullied or came from another country or had a cool job contributes to diversity.

That's the bad. The good is that I think I have a compelling story that also helps explain motivation behind going to law school. I would talk about being a first gen graduate son of an immigrant (not URM), not wanting a family of mine to go through what I did, and wanting a career and all of that, and I suppose I would touch on how this distinguishes me from the average person (as none of that in and of itself is notable), but it wouldn't be the focus.

I recognize that I've been a bit vague here but I also just don't want to paraphrase my rough DS. The question I have, I guess, is is it OK if my DS focuses more on how my situation has moved me towards this path? It would be distinct from PS which doesn't mention any of this at all and I think there is a shift in theme as well.

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Re: Where to put the focus of an SES DS

Postby francesfarmer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:58 pm

I don't think you have to worry about explaining how you would contribute to the diversity of a law school class beyond stating the facts of your life. Your situation would be unique enough even if you weren't first generation--do you realize how few people in law school have parents who didn't go to college? The number is low. Michigan lists it on their website--12% of the class of 2015 has both parents with just a high school degree. I can imagine that number is lower at non-public law schools not in the Mid West. Your experience would contribute to the diversity of a law school class because you obviously have a perspective that is unlike the majority of your class. I don't really think there is a meaningful way to elaborate on that beyond explaining where you come from.

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