Non HYP Ivy Transfer: 3.0 from the degree-granting Ivy.

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Non HYP Ivy Transfer: 3.0 from the degree-granting Ivy.

Postby destrou27 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:40 pm

Hello, I am an old member of TLS and transferred (switched majors) to a non-HYP ivy. During the transition (long distance relationship) I had 2 bad semesters (including a 2.0 semester) but will graduate with roughly a 3.0 gpa from this institution. However, I transferred in with a 3.9 from my previous school and I am wondering if my LSAC GPA will be looked at as a good thing or a bad thing through the eyes of admins. I have been on an upward trend since my bad semesters and my LSAT is a 168. My LSAC is about a 3.4; so when calculating their admits (scores etc) will I be seen as an applicant with a 3.0 or a 3.4, in their eyes (it makes a huge difference). Also, I guess this defeats the purpose of ambiguity, but what are my chances at Columbia (my alumni), or any other t20 for that matter, with a downward-->then upward GPA trend? I have a good reason for my really bad semester (2.0). Also, I intend on studying throughout the summer and retaking to get into the 170+ range for next year's cycles. Anyone?

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