PR high GPA but waiting for December LSAT...

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PR high GPA but waiting for December LSAT...

Postby avd90 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:14 pm

so I'm 1/2 PR and I'm anxiously awaiting my december scores. I have a fee waiver, and my GPA for LSAC is a 3.86 (they lowered me from a 3.89... whatever). I've been practicing low/mid 170's, and I want Columbia/NYU. I know this whole thing is meaningless until I get my score back, but should I bother applying this year? I really want to, and I think I'm strong in most fields.. Is is worth it to apply this year and risk having to reapply? I read for one of my apps that if you reapply you have to send in a new PS etc... Any advice would rock.

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