DS Freak out, please help!

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DS Freak out, please help!

Postby cidergirl » Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:15 pm

Hi Guys,

I am really struggling with my DS. I have so much to say but feel like I'm unable to condense my experiences into a 1 page essay. I feel like socioeconomic status really made me different from my peers as a child, while people in my area were pretty accepting of racial diversity. Is it bad for my statement to emphasize socioeconomic status instead of race? Also, would people mind posting or PMing me their statements? I have looked on the sample statement page and looked at some really powerful statements from you wonderful people, but the more inspiration, the better! I promise to post mine once I have a statement to be proud of:)

God bless this forum!!! It has been my experience that the URM forum is much more positive and supportive than the rest of TLS--thanks to everyone for making it so great and good luck to those of you still working on your apps. I know you'll all do great!

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