3.2/161 where to ED?

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3.2/161 where to ED?

Postby juzchilin189 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:52 pm

Mods: I know I just posted this in "What are my chances" but I wanted to try and get as many opinions as I can since I need to make my final decision by tonight. Feel free to delete if you must after midnight.

I've lurked on TLS for a while and know the conventional wisdom for URM's is to not apply anywhere ED in order to see where you can get $$. That being said I realize my employment prospects are best at the best possbile school I can go to, so I am willing to risk going to school at sticker inside of the T14 (preferabbly T10). From research I think my shot at CCN is minimal (more likely 0) at best and don't plan to use the ED to any of these schools. With that being said where does TLS think my ED would be best used at MNVP?

I am ready to submit today but I thought I would see what TLS wisdom thought before making my final choice.

One year of WE as well.

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