URM AA/NA MALE...Need Urgent Advice with LSAT

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URM AA/NA MALE...Need Urgent Advice with LSAT

Postby moxie101 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:53 pm

So I have been studying off and on for the LSAT for the past 3 months. Initially I read the LR & LG Bibles in addition to the Manhattan Books. I took my first PT two weeks ago and scored in the low 150s. I have taken 5 PT and all have been in the 150s. Can anybody give me ideas on how to improve? I've been going over PT's and reviewing why I got each answer choice wrong and why I got each wrong, however for some reason its just not clicking with me. What can I do? Where do I go from here. I have a 3.75 CUM GPA and I'm aiming for at least a 165 so anyone who has scored significantly above that threshold can you please give me any tips, suggestions, advice? Its greatly appreciated.

My breakdown is -6 RC -10 LR -9 LR2 -11 LG

I've been doing pithypike's 3 LG's a day and I have started to see improvements. Im progressively getting better with that, but how do I improve on accuracy and time with LR and time with RC (consistently not having enough time to get to last passage).

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Re: URM AA/NA MALE...Need Urgent Advice with LSAT

Postby soj » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:23 pm

Keep at it. Don't give up after 5 PTs. Don't just take PTs and hope for score increases; do drills by question types and rigorously review your mistakes. Same with questions you guessed right or took too long in answering.

The pithypike method is great--keep doing it.

You should also consider doing untimed drills to make sure you have the concepts down. Accuracy is more important than speed, though eventually you'll need both.

Finally, post on the LSAT forum for more advice. Good luck.

EDIT: Just noticed you've posted there, too. Follow the advice posters there are giving you.

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