What schools to target?

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What schools to target?

Postby futurelawstudent1l » Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:42 am

Hi I am a half-puerto rican undergrad wondering what schools should I be targeting. Mainly I am trying to figure out how much of a boost me being puerto rican will give me when I apply in November. My LSAC gpa should be at ~3.45, my real GPA is at 3.57, but I got an inc which lapsed into an F my first semester of college. I retook the course and got a B in it; however as I understand it LSAC still includes the F. Anyway I took my first diagnostic LSAT test and got a 162 on it. I am studying my ass off 8 hours a day right now and hope to get my score up to 169+ by the October LSAT. Also I have really good softs. My mom abandoned my family my freshman year of high school (which fucked up my grades horribly). My dad is disabled and we currently live on his social security (get full TAP, FAFSA, and LSAC waiver). I was thinking based on my scores I should be in at Cardozo and Brooklyn, but Fordham might be a reach. I really don't know where to set my sights and what schools to be researching. My original goal was to join the NYPD, but with the current economy and the new Tier VI that seems out of the question. I would prefer public interest work eventually ADA/AUSA/DOJ and preferably in NYC, although other east coast cities would be acceptable (Boston, DC).

So what kind of boost can I expect for being a URM? Am I setting my sights to low with Fordham? I would love to go to Cornell but figure with my GPA T14 are out of the question.

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Re: What schools to target?

Postby fixxion » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:19 am

If you can 170+ on your LSAT in Oct then blanket top 14. If you can't and really want Cornell then keep studying and retake in Dec/June. Once you clear the 170 mark a lot of doors open up. I havn't been able to find as many examples of PR URM's as I have of AA's. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5+ points to your LSAT i believe. check http://www.lawschoolnumbers.com and search for URM's with numbers similar to yours.

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