Do EC's matter for URMs?

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Wade LeBosh

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Do EC's matter for URMs?

Postby Wade LeBosh » Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:56 am

Hey I'm a AA male, 3.8 GPA, and I'm getting 172 on my PTs. I'm taking LSAT in Oct. I'm starting my junior year right now and I realized I have very little in terms of W/E and ECs. I was a International Relations major but (once figuring adcomms wouldn't care anyway) I switched to music. Unfortunately my music (performances in Carnegie Hall and the House of Blues) won't count as 'extra'-curricular because they are purely curricular now. Should I scramble next year to add some ECs or does it not matter at this point?

I'm aiming for the "top", so any opinions about t10 schools and URM EC's (especially AA) would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Do EC's matter for URMs?

Postby vanwinkle » Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:06 am

Does everyone at your school play at Carnegie Hall for credit? If not then that's still "extra-curricular".

Anything that you had to earn the right to do and weren't just assigned for credit in class is a potentially good soft. Also, while you don't have your LSAT score yet, an AA male with a 3.8/170+ would be able to go anywhere. Keep studying and prepping for the LSAT, and consider taking a year or two off between graduation and LS just because the life experience can be valuable later, but if you can score that high you'll be fine.


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Re: Do EC's matter for URMs?

Postby chiach1 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:39 am

based upon what I've seen over the past 2 cycles, I would say EC's matter for URMs matter more than our ORM counterparts. The fact that an applicant may have stellar numbers is good and may be enough for certain schools, but for schools such as YS, I have consistently seen URM applicants with less than stellar numbers get admitted before URMs applicants with strong numbers and weak softs, and I would largely contribute that to good ECs

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