Southern A&M Full Ride with Lunch Money.

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Southern A&M Full Ride with Lunch Money.

Postby blackman1 » Fri May 27, 2011 2:47 am


First, I want to thank everyone for answering my previous question. You guys were a huge help. I got into a tier 2 school with some money and including my GI bill came to over 50% off tuition. The money was based on me maintaining a 3.0 gpa. That is something I have never done in my life!! After sending these conditions to other schools, I received more interesting offers but nothing like what I got a few weeks ago from Southern A&M. They are giving me a FULL RIDE!! Just pay for books and housing! Not a dime out of my pocket for tuition! In fact, with the way my GI Bill works, I'll actually pocket 11K per year. I think this is a great deal for me and my family. But Im terrified about everything Im reading about going to a 4th tier school. I've already bought UMiami gear (shirts and caps). I'm 99% gonna change my mind but I really need to hear what you guys have to say. I dont see you as an authority but to get another point of view would be very helpful. My life goal is to some day become a D.A. in one of those small black dominated towns where I can hold the position for life.

lsdas 2.1gpa
167 Lsat.

P.S I also got offered a full ride at Charlotte Law School w/ minimum 2.0 gpa.

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