Don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

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Don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

Postby BeyoncesMan234 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:17 am

Hey, Everyone

I have been studying for the LSAT since summer while taking classes. I took blueprint (which I felt was worthless) and I have taken a private tutor. ( she was great but expensive.) The problem with me is that I feel with my test I am so close but yet so far away.

I am scoring anywhere from a 155-160. I feel like I could easily get a 165 depending on the reading passages assigned. I average about -8-15 range on each section of LR. My games on the newer test's are from -3-7 range, my RC is either -4, if I finish the passages or else a -12 if I don't get to the last passage (due to a guess). I don't know exactly what I'm going to do. I'm scheduled to take the test this friday and I feel like i'm not gonna do well. in LR I just either bomb them or I do decent. The only thing I feel i have a handle on is games. I have made a big jump because at first I was I think in the 138 range.

I just want to be able to go to at Least Pepperdine Law school.

I'm a UCLA grad with around at least a 3.2-3.4 GPA (see what LSAC does). I have great work experience, I have been on a board of directors for a finance committee, also as well as extensive community service.

Resume is
Habitat for Humanity,
Law for people of color,
Pre law society UCLA
Fiscal Affairs Council OCC
AMCP manage care
UCLA medical center voluneteer
Aids Awareness group
Student Welfare commission

Just I don't think I'm going to even get a shot at top 30 with my LSAT score. I'm praying for above a 160. But if I'm going off of PT's I'm going to get a 155 or highest 159. As that enough?

Please help. I'm African American.


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Re: Don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

Postby jeremysen » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:25 am

In general, schools give a pretty big boost to African Americans, and I'm talking >5 point LSAT slack. Just try your hardest on the test - not much to do now but practice. You should be fine.

BeyoncesMan234 wrote:Please help. I'm African American.



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Re: Don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

Postby rose711 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:17 am

Are you asking for help in studying for the LSAT or help with school selection.

Either way, you need to try to calm down a little about this exam. If anxiety gets too high it will affect your cognition. A little fear is good if it motivates you, but too much fear will shut your brain down. Practice on feeling confident and maybe learn some simple breathing technique to help you relax. (this is serious advice btw - I used to get terrible anxiety under stress and public performance, not a good quality for lawyers, I learned some simple relaxation things and it helped me a great deal.)

You sound like you're well-prepared for the exam. I'm sure you have learned a solid approach for how to analyze questions and choose correct answers.
Maybe some more practice if you feel it will help. But make sure you don't burn yourself out! Try to go out and have some fun or see a movie the night before the exam.

Also your softs not only sound good but also they sound like things you are committed to doing.

Good luck!

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Re: Don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

Postby yngblkgifted » Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:28 pm

OP- First, Relax. There have been examples of people going into the test very relaxed and doing much better than their average, but I've never heard of anyone doing that well while freaking out.

Your best bet right now is to calm down (it can only HELP your score).

Secondly, is there any reason why you are taking the test in February? Why not wait until June? (I'm not even sure if you can logistically not take February at this point though). Either way, if February does not turn out like you would like, just take it again in June. Most schools just look at your highest score. So the VERY worse thing that could happen is that you don't like what you get and you retake in June. In the whole scheme of things it is not going to be detrimental to your law school application process.

Know and understand this while you are taking the test. Go in there and just imagine that it is another practice test. And to be honest, it almost is because you have other chances if necessary. Relax the day before and don't think about the test but instead do something that you enjoy. That could be anything from exercising, going to see a movie or just hanging out with good friends. Get a normal amount of sleep the night before, do a few problems the morning of the test to get your mind warmed up and go in there with confidence and rock the LSAT!

From one former nervous wreck to a current one- trust me...You will be FINE! :lol: You've got nothing to worry about.

Good Luck!

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