Military Officer URM law school chances

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Military Officer URM law school chances

Postby carltontingling » Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:16 pm

Jamaican/Asian = Blasian: will check the AA block on apps since I am more AA than Asian
LSAT: 159
LSAC GPA: 3.44
commissioned military officer (10 years service)
Graduate degree: MPA 3.9 GPA
Emigrated to U.S. at 12, citizen now.

I ran the calculators, but now I need the human element. LSAT retake not an option; looking at left coast institutions.
Looking to stay on the left coast. Which top 100 schools you think are reasonable ? Any comments are appreciated.

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Re: Military Officer URM law school chances

Postby M&A621 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:28 pm

Being a URM (AA), and in the military myself (enlisted/Navy), your LSAT: 159, LSAC GPA: 3.44, and military background are good (the LSAT may hinder you a bit), but being a URM is a plus in your situation. I would say look into:

Georgetown (LSAT may be too low, but still apply)
George Washington
Boston U
William & Mary
and MAYBE Penn

But the Yellow Ribbon Program is like a gift from the Gods. Make sure you take a look at which schools are willing participates. The YRP is an amazing program that the VA funds with the Post 911 GI Bill. The VA is willing to pay up to what each individual school contributes. I believe the two schools in the Top 14 which contribute the most to tuition are Cornell & Michigan... both law schools pay up to $99,999 for entering students. What does this all mean?

Let's say Cornell offers you a scholarship for $90,000, the VA will MATCH that amount ($90,000). That's $180,000 your looking at. Same goes for Uni of Michigan. I would say look into which schools offer the most $$$ for the YRP ( ... t_2010.htm).

I'm a firm believer that nothing is ever set in stone, so it wouldn't hurt to blanket apply to the top 14 law schools. Why not? What do you have to lose? You get rejected? So what. At least you applied and know for sure which schools don't want you. I'm all set on Cornell because they are very military friendly (as far as softs are concerned), and they have close to 30% minorities admitted every year. Good luck!


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Re: Military Officer URM law school chances

Postby Trooper12 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:05 am

That is absolutely not how the Yellow Ribbon Program Works.

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Re: Military Officer URM law school chances

Postby unc0mm0n1 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:20 am

As a person using the yellow ribbon to go to a t14 for free. Your understanding of the yrp is a bit off. If you have the post 9/11 gi bill. You get a certain amount covered for instance as an instate student you'd get the public schools for free (uva, UCLA, Texas, Michigan) for private schools or out of state some schools use yrp which basically says a school will match funds up to a certain point. For instance if you went to Penn the gi bill pays 17500 and if the tuition was 47500 that means you still owe 30000. If Penn offers 22000 yrp they would match 15000 and the federal gov will match 15000 to get to full tuition not 44000. Hope that helps you.

edit: as an aside you must be 100% eligible for the post 9/11 for you to use yellow ribbon.

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