Black, international applicant, 3.24/158 chances

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Black, international applicant, 3.24/158 chances

Postby gymrat780 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:06 pm

I asked this in the "What are my chances" forum and they told me to come here. Anyways...

Just wondering what my chances are at the following schools if any? I'm African Canadian, attended a state university in California majoring in Sociology/Criminology, 3.24 gpa (gpa is messed up from a my first semester when I attended college in Canada) and a 158 LSAT, my mother is a US citizen and I am on the last stage towards getting my permanent residency:

American U
U Miami
Penn State
Georgia State U
U Connecticut
George Washington (part time)
University of Illinois (fee waiver)

Also, any others you'd recommend me looking into? I'm primarily interested in east coast/midwest law schools.


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Re: Black, international applicant, 3.24/158 chances

Postby BHDLaw » Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:09 pm

As has been said many times before on TLS, URM admission cycles are hard to predict. I won't tell you to retest, because there are plenty of others here who will. If you are serious about law school with your given numbers, and knowing absolutely nothing more than what you have posted already, I think you have a reasonable shot at American, Penn State, and perhaps Brooklyn. Miami, Georgia State, and Connecticut are wild cards to me. That is just my opinion. I (like everyone else on TLS) do not work in law school admissions, so it's merely my two cents.

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