AA Male 3.06/171- Unsure of Oct. Retake

(BLS, URM status, non-traditional, GLBT)
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Re: AA Male 3.06/171- Unsure of Oct. Retake

Postby Gaucho » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:46 pm

Disclaimer: This article was from 2005, but is still relevant to this discussion IMO.

http://www.jbhe.com/news_views/51_gradu ... _test.html

"In 1998 the mean score of white students taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) was 151.96. (The LSAT is graded on a scoring scale of 120 to 180.) The mean score for black students taking the test that year was 141.80, about 17 percent lower than the mean score of whites.

The latest data shows a slight improvement for both blacks and whites, but there was no progress in closing the racial scoring gap. In 2004 the mean score for whites on the LSAT was 152.47. For blacks, the mean score was 142.43. The 10 point, or 17 percent, scoring gap has remained constant throughout the period with only very minor fluctuations.

Students seeking admission to the nation's highest-ranked law schools such as Yale, Harvard, and Stanford have a mean LSAT score of about 170. Data obtained by JBHE from the Law School Admission Council shows that very few blacks nationwide score at this level.

In 2004, 10,370 blacks took the LSAT examination. Only 29 blacks, or 0.3 percent of all LSAT test takers, scored 170 or above. In contrast, more than 1,900 white test takers scored 170 or above on the LSAT. They made up 3.1 percent of all white test takers. Thus whites were more than 10 times as likely as blacks to score 170 or above on the LSAT. There were 66 times as many whites as blacks who scored 170 or above on the test.

Even if we drop the scoring level to 165, a level equal to the mean score of students enrolling at law schools ranked in the top 10 nationwide but not at the very top, we still find very few blacks. There were 108 blacks scoring 165 or better on the LSAT in 2004. They made up 1 percent of all black test takers. For whites, there were 6,689 test takers who scored 165 or above. They made up 10.6 percent of all white students who took the LSAT examination.

The nation's top law schools could fill their classes exclusively with students who scored 165 or above on the LSAT. But if they were to do so, these law schools would have almost no black students."

There is another point I would like make. OP is a male. It's about a 25-75% ratio between male and female AA students in law school.

I'll stand by my statement, If your a AA male breaking 170, your going to heaven.

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Re: AA Male 3.06/171- Unsure of Oct. Retake

Postby DavidYurman85 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:07 pm

If you package yourself well (compelling essays, apply early, pay attention to the small details in your app), i think you'll have a chance at hls - at least a wl. a higher lsat score would definitely put you in a better position to off set your gpa, but imho it's not work the risk.

aside from hys, i think you'll be ok at cls on down.

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Re: AA Male 3.06/171- Unsure of Oct. Retake

Postby Vinnie_Gold » Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:43 am

I think I'm going to see what results I get over the next 5 weeks, Hopefully I can get my scores up another 3 points...

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