Boricua or Azteca?

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Boricua or Azteca?

Postby AztecaRex » Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:54 pm

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Re: Boricua or Azteca?

Postby Knock » Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:02 pm

AztecaRex wrote:Hey guys, first time poster, long time forum stalker here :wink:,

I'm personally Mexicano and Napoletano (which will end up being condensed into mexican/white on applications though it's more like mexican/white/arabic/north african/god knows what), but I have a bet with my "brother" (i.e. unrelated Siciliano with same last name as me) that I will get accepted to a certain dream school and that he will not (the flip side of course is that he thinks he will get accepted and i will not). The clincher is that while I am half-terrone and half-mexican, he is half-terrone and half-puerto rican. From what I understand, we will both be getting a boost, as we both identify with both cultures, but he claims that he will be getting a larger one. I am relatively sure that we both do not get as high a boost as african/black-americans, but I had assumed that our boosts would be equal. So in conclusion, my questions are:

1. Checking both Mexican and white/European=URM boost?
2. Is Puerto Rican boost higher than Mexican boost?

Thanks in advance, and P.S. I still plan on winning regardless :lol:

1. Yes, most likely. Write a Diversity Statement though (unless you choose to highlight your diversity in your PS and it would be repetitive).
2. Depends on the school and their demographics, but there's not likely to be a large difference.

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