CLEO Placement T30?

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CLEO Placement T30?

Postby texas296 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:11 pm

I've been accepted to the CLEO summer program but have yet to find any information on placement. I understand that because there are so many applicants this year for law school in general, CLEO will have more difficulty placing their fellows. Does anyone have any information on where or how much help CLEO can give someone who places in the top 10% of their program?

I applied to some T1 schools (top 30) and have been rejected from UTexas, Boston College, UBoston--URM, Texas Resident, LSAT: 159/163 UGPA 2.7 Ivy League; 10 year work experience owning my own business and consulting. I think my GPA is holding me back.

If I do very well at the summer program, would these schools reconsider my application? I'm dying to get in to Texas.

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