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My dream of becoming an attorney was inspired by the achievements of Thurgood Marshall and the other men and women, who defended, prosecuted, fought, and won for those who were unable to speak for themselves. Although I am aware of the sometimes frustrating realities of legal procedure, I am not deterred. I have already spent ninety hours as an intern in the office of Louisiana State Representative Attorney Richard J. Gallot, Jr, where I learned about the routines involved in handling criminal and civil cases.
I am not naive, and I am determined. Some of the lawyers I worked for came from backgrounds similar to my own. They too were once required to tuck their egos beneath a hat that bore a McDonald’s logo. They overcame adversity and socio-economic disadvantages, and I will follow their example. Although I come from an impoverished background, I am determined to make my socio-economic disadvantages into stepping stones rather than social barriers. The experience of growing up in a neighborhood plagued by drug-pushing, drug addiction and prostitution has made me resolve to set higher goals for myself. Being reared in a single parent household has given me another perspective that reinforces my determination to make a difference.
I am not going to become a mere statistic. Growing up in poverty has taught me the skills of survival and instilled a commitment to progress. While living in my old neighborhood, I engineered after school programs that offered tutoring in math, English and sex education. Giving back to my community would continue after I became the first college student and graduate in my family. I am determined to escape the conditions of crime and to defy notions of a life pre-determined by my ancestry.
I am not unprepared. My studies in political science and international affairs have helped me understand the political context of legal decisions. I spent my junior and senior years becoming proficient in colloquial Arabic. (Dr. Himaya, a professor of physics at Grambling State University, can attest to my competence.) Of course, after several months of being busy learning Arabic script, I needed some spending money and longed to read more in English. I took a job shelving books in the library. One day I came across a large red book entitled, The Cases and Materials on Sex-Based Discrimination. I found the subject matter captivating and this helped me see their relationship between my studies in Political Science and the cases I hoped to argue in marbled courtrooms. This discovery renewed my sense of purpose; it made me take my studies more seriously, to set higher goals for myself.
I maintain that I am idealistic and I know I cannot prevent injustice in every corner of the world, but I have committed myself to upholding the laws and values that most Americans hold most dear: the hope for the humane treatment of all people and the need for an equitable implementation of the Constitution motivate me to pursue a legal career.
I’m eager to learn and I’m ready to grow. I hope to learn my craft so I can lessen the unnecessary suffering so many people endure when they cannot access the protection of the law. I'm particularly excited about the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students as part of the Gender Violence Clinic, Criminal Prosecution Clinic, and Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinic. I am most excited about furthering my education. The opportunity to further my education at Harvard Law School would be among the things I consider an Honor.

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With a 160/2.8 I'd save your money.

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ok NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MS.LEGALBRIEFS wrote:ok NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dood- didnt you make a thread with the same ps....just edit that thread-unless u deleted it.

Also, don't send this.

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This may sound like an asshole statement and I'm sure it is, but I think you should scrap this essay. Your last paragraph really cannot be submitted in its current condition if you actually expect it to aid your application.

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