help, what are my chances

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help, what are my chances

Postby bigmike823 » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:06 pm

I am an AA male from a middle of the road liberal arts school. I took the LSAT and got a 157 and have a 3.2 GPA. I have pretty good softs 4 yr division 1 basketball starter, numerous athletic and academic awards from my school, scholar athlete of the year from my school and great LOR including the dean of the school, what are my chances, I know top 14 is probably out with my gpa but I blanketed them anyway, what advice can anyone give me, I like BC or Fordham, do I have a shot and I cannot retake, I been outta school for four years and want to get started with my life? What do u guys think?

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Re: help, what are my chances

Postby Sakura3210 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:26 am

It's not just your GPA, your LSAT is not that hot either. The law school predictor has you down as a deny for both BC and Fordham. I would really advise to retake the LSAT - being out of school for 4 years really isn't that big a deal. If you broke 160, you'd at least have a (relatively small) shot at Fordham.

Softs are only of real use if you have borderline numbers (along the school's 25% or better). Admissions is primarily a numbers game, and for your goals, your numbers aren't measuring up. Good luck!

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Re: help, what are my chances

Postby rowlf » Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:58 pm

I'd echo Sakura in so far as your GPA isn't really the big issue here. You've been out of school 4 years so you can say that your record since then can do the talking. If we are talking about your chances for t30, they're mostly dinging you based on your LSAT. I'll be honest t14 is a hail mary - many URMs with higher LSATs than you and comparable GPAs have struck out. The URMs with 157-159 at t14 probably have 3.7+. You may get t30 (II'd go so far as to say if you blanketed the t30 early in the cycle, you'd almost certainly get one of 20-30), but Fordham and BC/BU will be the hardest and least likely of these because of their desirable locations.

If you want to go to LS next year for sure, send out a few apps to schools with good placement in your desired region in the t30-60 range right now. Even if the deadline is past, they'll probably still give your app a look. You'll be competitive at such schools with your numbers. Good luck!

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