Addendum Letter

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Addendum Letter

Postby SEATTLEITE188 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:17 am

Contrary to many people on this forum, my lsat score was not too hot......and my score was lower the second time I took I am wondering if I should include an addendum explaining the fact that I was sick and not thinking as well the second time......also I have HUGE anxiety fact, an anxiety I was thinking about mentioning this because it contributed immensely to my poor score (10 points below practice test).....but I also think it could be a turn-off mentioning it, because the argument can be made that law school is stressful and if I cannot handle the anxiety of the lsat, I will not do well in law...........I strongly disagree with this notion for many reasons, but it is still a valid point that I am afraid of......any advice on this would be GREAT.

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