my exciting one-L life


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my exciting one-L life

Postby jambaramba » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:03 am

after being a secret reader of TLS blogs, i decided to start one myself simply because i want to give others insight into what my 1L experience is like. the breadth of knowledge i've gained from other bloggers has been tremendous and i think its probably been the best resource to me as a 0L. so here's giving back.

some info: i just started my 1L at a T14 and am a summer starter (i'd say which school but there are only so many such programs). why summer start? well, many reasons. one, I had a half-year to decide what to do with my time, and I chose to take a really long vacation instead of picking up a job. summer was a great option because I wasn't coming directly from college and was eager to start law school. two, i found the idea of a "decelerated" introduction into law school appealing and wanted to have time to become settled in and familiar with my surroundings. three, compared to the average admitted student, my overall numbers were probably below average. i took a chance at admission by applying ED (=summer start). i can't know for sure what led to my acceptance, but i believe ED was a favorable move and i feel fortunate to have gotten into my top school choice as a result.

so where am i now? done with my first semester of law school! that means there is a whole lot that i could share with you all. i shall reserve a post for that when i get my grades back so i can muse on the things i've learned. as for now, i'm looking forward to start another semester and meeting the rest of our class.

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