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To be perfectly honest, this is not the first time I have created a blog. I have attempted to keep a blog focused upon far more interesting things than the LSAT and law school admissions, but I always eventually give up after a few posts or a couple weeks, whichever occurs first. I wouldnt mind you reading this blog, as long as you subscribe to a few caveats;

    - I frequently misspell words. I would like to blame this on my poor typing skills, but I suspect I can thank much of it to growing up with Microsoft Word.

    - I will appear incredibly indecisive.

    - I am incredibly indecisive

That should be about enough, unless I actually continue posting in the blog, in which case I will likely have to add to that list. Now that I have that all cleared away, I can get to what blogs are all about...random banter and venting to nobody in particular (and often, just nobody).

In two weeks time I will be starting my senior year of college and will thusly be forced to make some serious decisions about the direction of my life after college. I decided to begin writing this blog because I felt that I needed to map out future options on paper (or LCD screen), as well as generally reduce the overall quality of TLS blogs. I began to explore the possibility of attending law school last summer, and even studied the LSAT a bit. I was fairly excited about the prospect and not all to worried as I still had quite a bit of time to make any serious decision. Well an academic year including a semester abroad later, that window of time in which serious decisions need not be made has slammed shut. I do want to go to law school, but my lack of interest in biglaw careers and the various other jobs law graduates seemingly must take to pay back loans simply do not appeal to me. There is a large field of jobs I would love to have that a law degree would be necessary, but their light paychecks concern me about future debt.

I still haven’t taken a full prep test, rather I have been taking timed sections, sometimes two at a time. These scores tend to indicate that I would score anywhere from 159-163. Accounting for fatigue over 5 sections and test day nerves, my score would likely be a far cry from the 163-164 needed for my target school. I would study more, but I have become distracted with other post-college options, including Teach For America, working abroad, or getting some work experience for a couple years. All of these post-college options assume I would attend law school after a year or two in which I also would have studied for the LSAT.

I will likely apply for TFA and investigate any job opportunities (while also entertaining my crazy thoughts of living abroad), but I still feel like I'm missing the boat on law school, as if going back in two years will be particularly arduous or nonsensical.

Edit: I understand some of that rambling didnt make much sense, but it felt good to write out.

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