Schools and prograns for health law/policy

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Re: Schools and prograns for health law/policy

Postby nhm25 » Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:33 pm

I'm in your same boat... but I received my MPH a two years ago from Arizona. I concentrated in policy and management… Sadly, the university did not offer a dual JD/MPH… but it does now!

I was recently accepted into a number of law schools that have both Public Health Law and Health Law programs. After speaking to a few professors, it is important to know the distinction between the two when determining your course of study. I am currently deciding if the pursuit of a law degree on top of my MPH is entirely necessary.

Here is my question to the rest of you: What type of jobs are available for a person with a JD/MPH? Obviously government/public sector and non-profit organizations… but what about private sector? I’m also eager to know the median salary for those with a JD/MPH… since we all know law school is a serious financial investment. Any thoughts?


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Re: Schools and prograns for health law/policy

Postby AronJW » Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:31 pm

I've actually switched gears slightly. I'm going to go for a JD/MHA instead of the MPH. My ultimate career goals are in administration and policy, so I believe that the MHA will likely be a better choice than the MPH.

University of Washington has an excellent JD/MHA, and for the first time, Arizona State is now offering a similar program. Their MHSM is the same as an MHA at other schools, and is currently ranked very well. Although ASU's law school is less impressive that Arizona's and certainly less impressive than Washington's, the combination of program pertinence and overall cost will likely be too good to pass up.

I've been accepted to the ASU program with a full ride to the MHSM program, which would be great. I've also been accepted to Washington's MHA (a top 5 program) but have yet to hear back from their Law School.

As for your question about potential jobs and salaries, obviously it will depend on the market, but there are a variety of things available. The CEO of our local hospital, a regional medical center, is a JD/MPH and I've been led to believe that he makes upwards of 200,000 a year, so there are certainly good jobs available. It would be unwise, however, to assume that jobs like that will be available for every JD/MPH grad, and below these kinds of jobs, I think salaries are likely to be in the 50k-80k range, depending on the market and specific agency.

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Re: Schools and prograns for health law/policy

Postby UTL_plz » Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:33 pm

UHouston has the best Health Law program according to USNWR, and there are a bunch of dual degrees available.

edit: looks like i am a few months too late. good luck wherever you end up!

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Re: Schools and prograns for health law/policy

Postby lt0826 » Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:48 am

I think Penn and Boston also might have good dual degrees for health law.

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