BC $$ vs GW $$ vs Emory $$$ for IP

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BC $$ vs GW $$ vs Emory $$$ for IP

Postby NoseTackle » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:32 am

Hey guys,
So I narrowed down my choices to Boston College, George Washington and Emory. My other option is UCD with $$ but I don't like sac and their employment stats are under par. Currently WL at Boston University and Texas. I have done some extensive researches, but still cant make a decision. Any advice/suggestions on this thread would be much appreciated.

Stats: 2.95UGPA, 2.73LSAC GPA/167 took LSAT 3 times. i'm not interested in retaking.

COA: BC=GW>Emory, after factoring in tuition, scholarship and living cost. My parents will pay all the expenses regardless of where I go to school. I also have a lot of personal savings so $$ is not a issue here.

I graduated from UC Berkeley, majored in EECS and Materials Science. I'm 90% set on patent law, either lit or pro. I want big law post grad and I'm open to move in house down the road. I don’t have a geographic preference. I'm from Palo Alto. CA would be ideal, but not a must.

At this point, job perspective and the ability to succeed in law school place the most weight in my decision. GW has the most robust IP program. GW places 30-35% of its classes into BL and I heard a lot of them are IP ppl with STEM background. Major problem with GW is its class size (550-600), and I’m concerned about the competition in school/DC legal market. Previous TLS posts say its career service is shitty and OCI is always a bloodbath... BC consistently has the most BL placement (35-40%). My major concern about BC is I feel tech industry in Boston is more life science/pharma oriented and most firms’ IP groups are filled with ppl with bio/chem background, so there won’t be as much jobs available for EE with background in silicon valley type of tech. Emory Law has tons of money so students may get better support. It has a good reputation in the South but its employment number (22-28% BL) is not on par with its peer schools. Not many firms even show up on their OCI. Some of its patent bar eligible grads placed well in ATL and NY, but i don’t know the overall sample size. ATL seems like a good place to live though.

I'm planning to visit all three schools in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, any insights are much appreciated!

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