Schools offering a national security area of focus?

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Schools offering a national security area of focus?

Postby Ned_Snark » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:43 pm

Hello, forum newbie here. I've been giving some thought to applying to law school, so naturally I have a lot of questions. I'll probably be posting my Q's in a couple different forums tonight.

An area of focus that appeals to me is national security law. I also feel like my 4-year enlistment in the Army, followed by my contracting work, gives me a slight advantage in this area. Here are my questions.

1) Besides Georgetown, does anybody know which schools offer national security as an area of focus?

(On a related note, is there a website where I can pick an option from a drop-down menu - say, entertainment law - and get a list of which schools offer that area? Areas like environmental or international law are fairly common, but this kind of tool would still be useful.)

2) Since not many schools offer it, are the schools who do offer it more selective about who they let study this area?
3) The Beltway & surrounding states would be ground zero for practicing nat-sec law, but are there any other parts of the country where it's common?
4) What are some of the top law firms specializing in this kind of law?

That's all I have for this specific question. Thanks, all.

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