Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard

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Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard

Columbia (Hamilton)
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Re: Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard

Postby hlsperson1111 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:58 am

jbagelboy wrote:
hlsperson1111 wrote:It sounds like you want to go to H, but would feel guilty if you made your parents pay for it. It also sounds like your family really would derive some pride/joy out of having you go to H. So ask them: "Hey, this is a tough decision and I want to know what you think I should do. I know you said that you'd be willing to pay for a lot of the cost of going to Harvard, but it's a lot of money for both of us, and I want to make sure that's something you're really OK with before I decide to go there."

This isn’t going to harvard versus not going to law school. This is going to one ivy league law school or another ivy league law school

That's your perspective. But it might not be the perspective of the people who are offering to pay for OP's law school education.


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Re: Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard

Postby TheProsecutor » Wed May 02, 2018 1:33 pm

jbagelboy wrote:
TheProsecutor wrote:
tinman wrote:I’ve thought about this more today, and I think Harvard is the obvious answer. Your family is willing to chip in. They must think it will make them happy to see you at Harvard. Is it better they spend their money on cars, or boats, or vacation? I’m not sure. Assuming your parents are set for retirement (ie, a few million net worth and/or awesome pension), I say take the generous support. My family contributed zero to my law school education, and I still chose Y over the Hamilton. No one really cares where I went to school now—my value is based on my work. But I’m not sure I would have gotten my firm of choice from Columbia. Could I have gotten a biglaw gig regardless? Certainly. But I think some firms are better places to work than other, and you’ll have more options from Harvard. Here is an a small anecdote: not one personal from my YLS class went to Cravath despite like 20+ people getting offers. From HLS you will have more choice than from CLS—for firms, clerkships, etc. Sure the clerkships and firms may pay the same, but I think having more choice is better. Also, if you decide to switch careers into business and go work internationally or something, the Harvard name will have more weight.

In 2006, I choose to take YLS over the Hamilton. People thought it was the dumbest idea ever. I graduated in 2009. By then, lots of CLS kids couldn't find jobs. Choosing YLS seemed pretty smart by the time the recession hit. You never know what the economy is going to do, but Yale and Harvard are always a sure bet for its graduates to be ok. All the other schools, its a gamble. So, i'd choose Harvard, but for slightly different reasons than the post above.

Columbia actually outperformed harvard in 2009 eip because cls moved its recruiting calendar up, and more harvard students wound up without SAs

Know your facts

lol. I said I graduated in 2009. My SA class was actually 2008. Pretty sure Harvard beat out Columbia that year. And 2009 was when firms were rescinding offers. Pretty sure Harvard grads made out better in the rush to get jobs in that scenario. . .

learn to read and comprehend. :)


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Re: Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard

Postby nixy » Wed May 02, 2018 5:38 pm

I have a hard time thinking the Columbia grads were actually suffering compared to the vast majority of students out there, though.

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