USD Law or Loyola Law?

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USD Law or Loyola Law?

Postby jasminet » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:35 pm

I have been accepted to USD Law and Loyola Law (3.5/163) and really can't decide which school to attend.

With my scholarships factored in, tuition at USD would be ~$6,000 per year, and tuition at Loyola would be ~$4,000 per year. I'm going to the evening program, continuing the job that I have now during the day (which has offered me ~$5,000 a year in tuition reimbursement if I maintain employment with them for at least one year after I graduate law school, which I'm happy about).

I really want to live in San Diego. I got my undergrad degree at USD and I love the school, but my CoA will be much higher at USD because I will have to pay rent - I have the option of living with my parents in LA if I go to Loyola. Also, my company has offices in both cities, so I don't think that the theory "you should go to school where you want to work" really applies to me since I already have my job and they're willing to put me in either LA or SD.

Basically, since the tuition cost is about the same for both schools, I have to decide between going to Loyola and saving rent money, or going to USD, the school I love in the city I love. My parents will allow me to stay at their house for free if I attend Loyola, but won't be giving me any money, i.e. for books, fees, or rent if I move out, so I'll be paying for everything myself and ideally without loans since I have plenty of those from my undergraduate degree. I'm currently working in insurance, but maybe want to one day switch over to something like human rights/child advocacy, although that might just be a dream.

I seriously can't choose between the two schools - any advice is appreciated. Thanks! :)

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