SLU vs. Loyola Chicago for chronically ill person?

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SLU vs. Loyola Chicago for chronically ill person?

Postby NonTradinStLou » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:54 am

Both would be part-time. I live in St. Louis and will most likely be staying in St. Louis. I don't plan to leave my job unless it's to go to another hospital (I've discovered from another thread that I would have to start over at the bottom if I practice at a firm, and my current job pays more than most biglaw associates), so placement isn't an issue. I'm not really asking about reputation (though if anyone has any insight, I'd be glad to hear it) as I am about the actual programs at these schools.

Loyola is a weekend program that is partially online and meets every other weekend. SLU is part-time, 3-4 nights a week. I've heard the curve isn't too bad at Loyola; does anyone know about SLU? Their attrition rate is significant higher, which concerns me. What are the students and faculty like at each school?

I have a mild form of Lupus (I don't have any organ damage, but I absolutely need 10+ hours of sleep per night or else bad things happen...). My current job is mostly 8-5 except for board meetings once a month.

Which school would be better for someone with an illness? I'm aware that no law school is "easy," but I am trying to figure out which school would be more conducive to someone working full-time and someone who isn't in the best of health. I don't need good grades because I'm not looking to switch jobs after graduation; I just need to not fail out.

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