Emory 114k v. GWU 105k

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Emory 114k v. GWU 105k

Postby SgtHammer » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:28 am

Hi guys, although I am still waiting for other offers, I currently have two rather tempting choices: Emory with 114k and GWU 105k. Though I am by no means in a rush, I have some trouble making a choice between these two. Here is my concern:

1. Emory is ranked 22 while GWU is 30. This seems to be a pretty big difference still.
2. GWU is significantly more expensive than Emory, for about 8-10k each year for COA.
3. As of now, my first choice of career destination would be New York City. I actually like the city, and my girlfriend is there. Washington D.C. would be a second choice. I went to Philadelphia for undergrad and I like both of these places. Atlanta, on the other hand, is very much stranger to me. I have never been to the city, let alone having any knowledge of working and living there. I also doubt whether my girlfriend would be willing to leave NYC and join me in Atlanta if I end up settling there.
4. Given what I said above, GWU seems to have a better placement record/reputation in DC and NYC than Emory, despite its lower rank.

I would love to hear advice from people with regard to this issue. Your experience/insight would be appreciated!

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Re: Emory 114k v. GWU 105k

Postby Johann » Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:06 am

GW if you want dc second. Dc is a hard market to crack. But try to negotiate and get them to match Emory.

I think Emory is the better bargain there, but for your goals, GW seems to be appropriate. Have to consider the market you’ll be networking in /establishing ties to throughout law school.

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